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New Employee Documentation Package

         Prior to start date please complete and bring or email documents listed below to:
           •   the Human Resources Administration Centre, Toronto General Hospital, 3  floor - R. Fraser Elliot Building; or
              your counsellor listed in your offer letter
           •   indicate that a complete package has been submitted for processing, also sign and return this form
           •   please note that failure to provide the required forms and document copies may prevent your pay from being

         Benefit Considerations for New Employees Permanent Full-Time employees only - Please review this information
         in preparation for the decisions you will be required to make when enrolling for your UHN benefits. An Employee
         Benefit Handbook and premium rate sheet have been included to help you prepare for these decisions.

         Please also remember to include a copy of your Social Insurance Card & Birth Certificate (or Citizenship or

          The following instructions will help you to complete the attached forms.                     Completed &
                *Please ensure all forms are signed and dated and that you have completed your Legally   submitted:
                         Mandated Training prior to submitting to the respective departments.
           1)    One signed copy of your job offer letter. – Please also sign and return one copy to your hiring
           2)    Personal Tax Credits Returns (Federal and Provincial) - Please complete the first page of
                these forms by reading each section and if it applies to your situation complete that section.                Fed.
                Note that further information and instructions are listed on the back of each form.

           3)    Personal Bank Account Information - Please complete this form and attach a void cheque to      Form
                the bottom section.  If you do not have a chequing account, please provide your bank account
                number, transit number and bank number.                                                       Cheque

           4)    Personal Data and Contact in Case of Emergency - Please complete the first section of this
                form with your own information. In the second section provide the names of 2 people that we
                may contact in case of an emergency, along with their telephone numbers.
           5)   Photocopy of Social Insurance Card- If SIN card starts with a “9” digit, please provide a valid
                copy of your work permit.
           6)   Photocopy of Birth Certificate (or Citizenship Card or Passport)

           7)   Photocopy of Credentials – Please provide a copy of the legal document(s) verifying the
                credentials relevant to your job or profession.
           8)    Enrolment/Waiver Form for HOOPP – All non-full-time must complete the HOOPP information

         All documents have been duly completed and submitted:

         Employee Name _____________________________________________

         Employee Signature __________________________________________    Date ________________
         (please print clearly)
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