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New Employee Passport

            Welcome to UHN!  We are happy to have you joining our team.

           Name: _____________________________  Manager: _____________________________

           √                             Checklist of things to do when joining UHN

                                                  Prior to your start date:
                Submit all new employment package forms & signed offer letter

                      Follow details in offer letter
                      Any missing documents may result in a delay in your start date, or your first pay.

                Email your completed Health forms to Occupational Health & Safety as per the directions in your
                offer letter. At UHN patient safety and staff safety is a priority.
                Complete corporate mandatory e-learning (refer to the e-learning booklet on the New Employee
                page for the courses required)

                                              Upon starting your employment:

                Get your Employee ID badge before or on the day of your orientation.
                      Provides you with access to your working areas, shows you are an employee, provides a
                        quick reference on what to do in case of emergency, and definitions for each code.
                Participate Day 1 in a Virtual New Employee Orientation
                      This is your mandatory introduction to UHN, corporate culture, safety, security, and an
                        introduction to the resources and benefits available to UHN employees.

                Get your user names and passwords from your Manager
                      *T-ID/ Research ID is the UHN network ID so you can access the corporate intranet and staff
                        resources on

                Get access to Employee Self Service (ESS) by sharing your user name with Payroll.
                      Employee Self Service is where you verify your personal information, get access to your pay
                        stubs and T4s.
                Complete your MFA (multi-factor Authentication) secondary verification online

                      The help desk needs this to validate your identity to reset forgotten passwords.
                                       *you will need your t-id associated UPN and password

                Meet with your manager to discuss how hours are submitted and approved for payroll, dress code,
                schedules, breaks, probationary meeting date, roles, responsibilities, standards and expectations.

                 Begin profession/departmental/unit orientation
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