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HOOPP Enrollment / Waiver Form for Part-time and other Non-Full Time

               Part-time and other non-full time employees of UHN are eligible to join HOOPP.  At this time the following
               employees do not qualify for HOOPP enrollment:

                      externally grant funded employees (temporary status)
                      post-doctoral and clinical fellows
                      employees with temporary contracts

                 Enrollment into HOOPP remains optional for all eligible part-time and other non-full time employees.
                 You are not required to enroll into HOOPP at this time.  If eligible, the option to enroll is always available
                 to you.  If you would like to join HOOPP at a later date, please contact your Human Resources
                 Counsellor at that time.

                 If you work part-time at more than one HOOPP employer, you are not required to join the Plan at all your
                 employers.  If you work full time at one HOOPP employer and you are hired to work part-time at
                 another, you don’t have to contribute at your part-time employer.

                 If you are currently eligible to join HOOPP, you are required to complete the form below and
                 choose your  option.

                 ENROLLMENT / WAIVER Option Form for HOOPP:

                 To: University Health Network- Human Resources, Administration Centre

                 Do not complete this form if you are: an externally grant funded employee (temporary status), post-
                 doctoral or clinical fellow, or an employee with a temporary contract.

                 In accordance with the conditions set forth in the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP),

                 I,                                    , employee ID number,                 hereby elect to:

                 □ a) Waive my option to join HOOPP (I understand that I can join HOOPP, if eligible, in the future)

                 □ b) Join HOOPP

                                                    Dated on this            day of                 , 2021


                                                    Dated on this            day of                 , 2021


               Important: If we do not receive this form indicating your option, we will  assume that you
               have declined the offer to enroll in HOOPP at this time.

               NOTE: Part-time and other non-full time eligible employees must sign and return this Enrollment /
               Waiver Option Form for HOOPP along with your New Hire Package to your Human Resources
               Counsellor mentioned in your New Hire letter.
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